Go Chicken Go

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Your goal in Go Chicken Go

Go Chicken Go is a fantastic arcade game featuring challenging gameplay. Assist cute chickens in crossing highways and rivals to gain a high score.

Twenty-five chickens want to cross highways to return to their farm. You must help them now. Control each chicken to go through the highway safely. Note that these highways are full of vehicles. If you are not careful, the chicken can be crushed by oncoming vehicles. There is a river between two highways. Take control of the chicken to jump on wooden logs floating on the river. Try to cross the river safely to reach another highway. You can collect further along the way to accelerate your speed.

The scoring system of this game is really simple. If you can help the chicken to cross highways safely, you will get more than 600 points. If a chicken has a traffic accident, you are rewarded with 5 points. You will get nothing if the chicken falls into the river.

How to control: Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to control the chickens.

Some tips to get a high score in Go Chicken Go

It is said that it is difficult to help all chickens cross highways safely and get the highest score. Therefore, I want to recommend some strategies. Hope that they will assist you.

  • Start to cross the highways right after a wave of vehicles just went through.
  • Do not stop any second.
  • Be patient when crossing the river.