Getting Over It

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The playing rules of Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an addictive platform game developed by Griffpatch. Control the hammer to help a cat climb up the mountain and go as far as possible.

Play the game now to embark on an exciting adventure with a yellow cat. This cat is sitting in the flower pot and is holding a long hammer. Your mission is to take control of this hammer to hook onto different objects along the way to go, swing, jump, and fly. Note that the road is extremely treacherous. It is made from hundreds of different objects such as fruits, tags, food, tables, chairs, vehicles, animals, planets, balls, clothes, books, and so on. They are stacked to create high mountains. You need to climb up and down these mountains. Do your best to reach a Christmas tree and climb on its top. Then, you use the hammer to push yourself to fly into the planets. After traversing three planets, you will fly into the galaxy with numerous shiny stars. At this time, the game ends, and the name of the producer is shown on the screen. Your time record will be saved automatically and presented at the top right of the screen.

There are three buttons at the top of the screen. Click on the yellow button in the middle to pause the game. If you want to continue it, click the green button. Finally, the red button allows you to stop and reset the game.

Play this game and let's see how long you can reach the destination. It will put your patience to the test. If you find the game interesting, share it with your friends and play it together. Challenge them to beat your best record. Hope that you and your friends will have moments of entertainment and excitement when playing the game.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the hammer.

Creator and Platform

Getting Over It is the Scratch version created by Griffpatch and was released in April 2020. Actually, it is inspired by Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Therefore, their gameplay is fairly similar, but their theme and characters are different. The theme in this game is white while the theme in Getting Over It with Bennett Fodd is the green sky. Moreover, the main character in the game is a cute cat while the character in the original version is a man. Whatever, they have the same aim which is toward a certain kind of person, to hurt them.

In addition, the game is available on the web browser and playable on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This is identical to Stumble Guys which is also an interesting game on our website.