Getaway Ninja

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About Getaway Ninja

Test your reflex by playing Getaway Ninja now. Your objective is to collect the key and use it to open the exit portal. You must be careful with obstacles.

In this game, you will transform into a ninja who is able to run quickly and jump high. Your destination is an exit portal. However, this portal is locked. Therefore, you need to collect a key to open this portal. Besides, you can pick all the gold coins along the way. You must watch out for dangers such as hidden spikes, shurikens, and treacherous pitfalls. Let's jump as high as possible to avoid falling into these traps.

Like Jim Loves Mary 2, this game has many levels. Specifically, you must complete 20 levels and collect as many coins as possible. Besides, if you want to join more adventures, you can play Paco Paco and Growmi.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move, jump, and wall jump.

Some tips to beat all levels in Getaway Ninja

Although your mission in this game is simple, it may be challenging for you to win all levels. Here are some useful strategies for you and hope that they will assist you.

  • Do not jump too early when you approach the obstacles. Instead, as soon as you are about to fall into the obstacles, click the left mouse to jump.
  • Click the left mouse continuously to jump on the wall.
  • Reflex quickly.
  • Be patient to find a way to overcome the dangers.
  • Coins are not the most important item. Therefore, you do not need to sacrifice your life to collect all coins.