Geometry Dash SubZero

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The Mechanics of Geometry Dash SubZero

A new version named Geometry Dash SubZero was launched. Explore the dragon land in which you must fight against the boss and overcome dangers now.

If you are crazy about Geometry Dash Lite, you should not ignore this new version. This game will bring you a new adventure that is more exciting but challenging. The most challenging part of this adventure in this game is an unlimited number of dangerous traps along the way. You must reach the end without crashing into them. Besides deadly obstacles, you also need to enter different portals which will change your gravity, speed, and appearance. Interesting, right? Let's play this game now and conquer the dragon land.

How to control: Press the spacebar, the left mouse, or an up arrow key to jump or fly up.

How to get secret coins in Geometry Dash SubZero

Besides running to the end, you also need to collect secret coins during the adventure. If you are wondering where these coins are hidden. Here are some hints about the positions of the secret coins for you.

  • The first secret coin can be found at 67%.
  • The second coin is hidden at 74%.
  • You can find the third coin at 92%.