Geometry Dash Badland

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What is Geometry Dash Badland?

Are you ready for a new adventure and a new boss fight in Geometry Dash Badland? Traverse a dangerous land and fight against mighty bosses how.

If you are a big fan of Geometry Dash Lite, don't ignore this new version. This game was developed by an American player named Edicts. In this game, the developer redesigned the background, obstacles, and bosses. Therefore, the game brings a new playing experience for players. Try it out and have fun.

The rules of Geometry Dash Badland

Traverse the dangerous land

In this game, you will get an opportunity to visit a dangerous land. This land is full of hazards such as spike traps, high walls, buzzsaws, and so on, so you need to be careful while traversing it. Besides, you also need to jump or fly through portals scattered along the way. They are Gravity, Duality, Teleportation, and Size Portals. When going through them, you need to change your gravity and size. Moreover, if you go through the teleportation portal, you will reach another area of the land quickly.

All bosses

Besides a thrilling adventure, this game also brings exciting boss fights in which you need to battle with aggressive bosses.

  • A Spiky Wall: This wall appears at 58% and chases you. You need to run or fly as fast as possible to avoid hitting this wall.
  • A square boss: This boss emerges at 74%. It has a square body and a white circle face. It will use a giant sword to attack you and fire bullets at you. You should jump or fly up to avoid getting hit.

How to control: Click the left mouse button and press the spacebar to jump or fly up.