Football Legends

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About Football Legends

Try to become Football Legends in the football champion league. Guide your characters to kick the ball into your rival's goalpost and win all football matches.

All modes

If you are keen on sports games, this game is the best choice. Like Friday Night Funkin', this game also has many game modes. You are allowed to choose between three game modes which are 1-Player, 2-Player, and Quick Match modes. 1-Player and Quick Match modes are suitable for players who play this game alone. If you choose this mode, you will play against the CPU. For 2- Player mode, your rivals can be the CPU or your friends. In other words, you and your friends can play as a team in this mode.

After choosing the game modes, you have to select between two options which are Tournament and Friendly. If you select the Friendly mode, you and your rival will join a football match. In contrast, if you choose the Tournament option, you have to participate in four rounds. They are Qualifiers, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. Do your best to get a victory in the final round to become the champion in the football champion league.

The playing rules of a football match

In a football match, you need to take control of your character to run, jump, and kick the ball into your opponent's goalpost. Moreover, preventing hitting the goalpost is also an important task. The allotted time of the football match is 90 seconds. Your goal is to gain more points than your rival within 90 seconds. Can you do that and become the victor? Play the game and let us see that you are the best football player.

How to control

1-Player Mode

Press Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move.

Press an X or L key to kick.

Press a Z or K key for a super shot.

2-Player Mode

Player 1

Press the WASD keys to move.

Press a B key to kick.

Press a V key for a super shot.

Player 2

Press Arrow Keys to move.

Press an L key to kick.

Press a K key for a super shot.