Fluffy Flight

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Simple mechanics of Fluffy Flight

Join a swimming competition with a cute blue bird in Fluffy Flight now. Swim as fast as possible to get the red flags and collect as many fruits as you can.

A flying competition is taking place in the forest. The blue bird joins this competition and is determined to win it. You must help the bird now. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot the bird to make it fly as far as possible. You will win when the bird can get a red flag. Besides, do not forget to collect 6 fruits in the river. However, you should be careful with spike traps and arrows. You will die You will claim 3 stars if you can reach the finish line within 20 seconds.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to aim and release to shoot.

All levels in Fluffy Flight

There are 49 levels in this game. The higher the levels, the more challenging it is. You must collect at least 40 red flags to help the bird become the champion of the flying competition. Do your best!