Flapping Crush

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Endless gameplay of Flapping Crush

Take a look at Flapping Crush which is an interesting idle game. Flap two pipes to eliminate as many flappy birds as possible to stop them from escaping.

This game is inspired by a famous game named Flappy Bird. However, in this game, you will not play as a bird. Instead, you need to kill birds. Because colorful birds want to escape from the castle, they hit the wall of the castle. You must stop them now. Your mission is to control two pipes to crush as many birds as possible. Note that your score will be proportional to the number of birds you will kill. Therefore, you need to try to kill birds to gain the highest possible score. If any bird can escape successfully, you will lose.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to flap.

The shop in Flapping Crush

In the shop, you can buy new walls such as iron walls or gold walls. These walls are more solid, so it is hard to destroy them. Moreover, you can buy new gadgets such as a springboard, a spike trap, a shuriken, and a bomb. These gadgets will be placed on the wall to prevent the birds from destroying the wall. However, they will disappear right after any bird hits them. In addition, you can purchase 7 power-ups in the shop. However, you are allowed to use only 3 power-ups in each match. Keep in mind that the quest boxes are keys to activate the power-ups. If you can destroy three quest boxes, one power-up will be activated.