Fat Race 3D

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Fat Race 3D is a funny running game that features many interesting levels. Control the guy to consume as many foods as possible and defeat another fat guy.

This game allows you to join a fight between two fat guys. Your mission is to help the fat guy defeat his opponent and get a victory. But first, you need to take control of this fat guy to move to the left or right to consume foods such as hamburgers, sushi, and cakes. Eating more food will make this guy fatter and more powerful. If you meet other fat guys or high walls along the way, don't worry or try to evade them. Instead, you can guide your fat guy to hit them and destroy all high walls along the way. Pay attention to the energy bar at the left of the screen. If it is full, the fat guy will become extremely strong and start to roll forward at a fast speed. While rolling, he can destroy everything that blocks his way. After reaching the finish line, he has to fight against his rival. You must tap the screen constantly to attack this opponent. You will win if the enemy falls off the wrestling ring.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the guy to move.

Click the left mouse button to control the guy to attack.