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The fight in FacePunch.io

Welcome to the fight between heroes in FacePunch.io. Merge two identical weapons to create a new one and use it to battle with other heroes in the arena.

At the start of the game, you need to combine two weapons of the same kind to create a new one that is more powerful. Note that you can use your coins to buy more weapons in the shop and continue to merge the identical weapons. Try to craft the strongest weapon. Then, click the Start button to join the fight. You will be matched with the other 9 players from all over the world at random. In the fight, you must use your weapon to attack other heroes in the arena. Your goal is to defeat all your rivals to earn coins and become the strongest hero. Use your coins to upgrade your speed to run faster.

How to control

Press the WASD keys to move around.

Press an L key to attack.

Press a P key to use the skills.