Electron Dash

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Explore the universe in Electron Dash

Play as an astronaut and join the adventure in Electron Dash now. You have to run in the tunnel which connects many planets in the universe.

Have you ever explored the universe? If you have no chance, you should play this game now. In this game, your track will be the tunnel that connects many planets in the universe. You must run as fast as possible to reach a further place in the universe. During the adventure, you should collect the hearts which will help you revive and continue your adventure. Moreover, the distance you can go will be proportional to the score you will gain. Therefore, you must do your best to get the highest score to gain high ranks on four leaderboards.

How to control: Press WASD or arrow keys to run and jump.

All dangers in Electron Dash

During the journey, you can encounter many hazards that are scattered in the tunnel. Here are the dangers you can meet. The first one is laser beams which can hurt you if you touch them. Moreover, the second obstacle is unstable tiles which can collapse after you step on them. In addition, the tunnel will have many holes. You must react quickly and do parkour skills to dodge these obstacles.