Eggy Car

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The playing rules of Eggy Car

Test your driving skill by playing Eggy Car now. You need to drive your car as far as possible and keep an egg on the car safe at all times.

In this game, you need to drive your car to go as far as possible. However, the game is more challenging than it looks because your car carries an egg. This egg will break if it falls on the ground. Therefore, you must be careful when driving your car. In particular, when going on the slopes, you should not increase your speed. Take it slow to keep the egg at all time. Note that if the egg falls off the car, you will lose. Besides, gold coins are collectible items, so you need to gather as many coins as possible. These coins are used to buy new cars in the shop.

How to control


Press a left arrow key or an A key to use the handbrake.

Press a right arrow key or a D key to accelerate.


Press the buttons on the screen.