Duck Life: Adventure

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The prologue of Duck Life: Adventure

Welcome to Duck Life: Adventure which is the eighth installment of the Duck Life series. Traverse different places and participate in many mini-games.

This game is in the same series as Duck Life 2. In this game, you will follow a little duck who desires to become an adventurer like Marco. Because he watches an interview with Marco, he is determined to become a professional adventurer. When he tells his mom about his desire, his mom disagrees with him and wants him to become a doctor. When he is so upset because of his mom's disagreement, Marco appears on the television and encourages him to do anything he wants. Therefore, a little duck packs his bag and leaves the house secretly. He starts his adventure in different places.

All mini-games in Duck Life: Adventure

In this game, you will become a partner of the duck during the trip. You must guide the duck to collect coins along the way. Moreover, you can get an opportunity to join pro training such as jumping, flying, health, endurance, strength, swimming, and speed trainings. These trainings will help to boost all your skills. After becoming powerful, it is time to take part in different mini-games, battles, and races.

In the battle, you and your rival will take turns hitting each other. When the green bar at the top of the screen is full, you can use special abilities to cause more damage to your enemies. During the battle, you are allowed to eat food to regain health. The one who runs out of health first will become the loser.

In the race, you need to race with the other 4 ducks. Be quick to reach the finish line first to become the winner. Note that this game offers 16 mini-games. If you can win all mini-games, you will become the best and new-generation adventurer.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to move.