Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

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The Rules of Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

Be ready for a new adventure with a cute duck in Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt. This new version requires you to go deep into a cave and find a hidden treasure.

This game is the fifth version of the Duck Life series developed by Wix Games. Unlike the second version called Duck Life 2, the duck in this game will join an endless adventure. After watching the news about a cave hiding many valuable treasures, the duck adventurer grabs his bag and starts a new trip. After a few days, he reaches the town where this cave is located. He meets many treasure hunters in this town. Can he be the first one to find the treasure?

Practice in the virtual training room

Before entering the cave, you must come to the virtual training room first to practice your skills. There are many training courses in the training room. Here are some outstanding training courses that you can join.

  • Gravity Switch: In this training course, you need to run and switch the gravity to dodge obstacles and collect coins.
  • Dodge Falling Objects: Your mission in this training course is to run to the left or right to evade shurikens and collect as many coins as possible falling from the sky. One tip is to pay attention to the warning symbols at the top of the screen/
  • Floating Duck: In this training course, you will hold an umbrella and fall from the sky. Fly to the left or right to evade spiky balls and pick up coins.
  • Bubble Swimming: In this training course, your objective is to stay inside a bubble and swim as far as possible.
  • Cannon Circus: In this training course, you need to control the cannon to aim accurately to shoot the duck away. Try to make the duck land on another cannon safely.

Join the treasure hunt in the cave

After mastering all skills, you can enter the cave to explore it. There are many treasure hunters waiting in the cave. You need to run faster than them and find the treasure first. Take caution with obstacles and monsters in the cave. Jump and fly as high as possible to dodge them. Besides, you also need to collect all coins while running. Do not miss picking up the keys as they can be used to unlock treasure chests in the cave.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to fly.

All shops in Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

In the town, you should visit the shops to buy useful items. There are five shops in the town. Each shop sells different items.

  • The pet shop: In this shop, you can use coins and gems to buy 25 cute pets. These pets will go with you during your adventure.
  • The mechanic: In this shop, you can buy gadgets such as Tiny Wing, iDowsing, Smart Shovel, Gold Purifier, Bubble Barrier, and Dr. Duckhatton. These gadgets will help to raise your chance of finding coins, keys, and treasure.
  • The barbershop: If you want to customize your duck, visit the barbershop.
  • The jetpack store: This shop sells jetpacks at different prices.
  • The tailor: This shop sells a variety of hats and clothes.