Drift F1

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The races in Drift F1

Drift F1 is an experience for you that tests your drifting and driving skills. Join 35 drifting races in which you must drift over bends and complete a lap.

This new drifting game became viral and took the Internet by storm. It captivates many players and is appreciated by them. If you are keen on F1 drifting races, you should try playing this game now. In this game, your mission is to participate in 35 drifting races. In each race, you must complete two goals which are to collect coins and complete one lap. It is easy to pick up the coins because they are scattered along the racetrack. However, completing a lap is a real challenge for you. The reason is that the racetrack is really narrow and has many bends. You must drift over these bends without falling off the racetrack, which requires your professional drifting skill. However, don't worry and practice regularly to master this skill. When your drifting skill is good, winning 35 levels is just a piece of cake. Note that you can submit your score after completing a level. This helps you know your rank on the leaderboard. I advise you to submit your highest score to get the highest rank on four leaderboards. Finally, if you find this game interesting, share it with your friends and take a look at another more exciting game named Sushi Party on our website.

How to control:

PC: Hold or release the left mouse button to drift over the bends on the racetracks.

MOBILE: Tap or release the screen to drift over the corners on the racetracks.

The garage in Drift F1

Besides taking part in the races, you can go to the garage and choose your favorite car. Like Highway Racer 2, the garage in this game also has 8 cars including a police car, a sedan, two pickups, an ice cream truck, an ambulance, a fire engine, and an SUV. These cars are not free. Instead, they are sold at different prices, so you must use your coins to purchase them.