Drift Boss

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About Drift Boss

Practice your racing and drifting skills by playing Drift Boss now. Going the furthest distances and drifting over many bends are your goals in this game.

If you want to improve your drifting skills, what about joining the race in this game? The race in this game is endless because the racetrack has no finish line. Therefore, your only goal in this race is to go the furthest distance in this endless racetrack. However, actually, it is more challenging than it sounds. The racetrack has many bends, which requires you to make perfect drifts to overcome. If you turn left or right too late, you will fall off the track and be eliminated from the race immediately. What about the score? Your score will be calculated based on the distance you can go. It means that the further you can go, the higher the score you can earn. Like Highway Racer 2, this game also offers various cars that you can buy.

How to control: Hold or release the left mouse button to make drifts.

Three boosters in Drift Boss

During the race, you must try to pick up the coins because they can be used to purchase boosters. The boosters include Double Score, Car Insurance, and Coin Rush which will help you go further, gain more points, and collect more coins. However, the effect of the boosters will be lost after each race. Therefore, before starting a new race, you should purchase the new boosters. Note that you can get these boosters by spinning the lucky wheel or unboxing daily gifts. Come on! Join the game and remember to take a look at other exciting racing games such as Eggy Car and Mad Cars: Racing And Crash.