Dig 2 China

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The gameplay of Dig 2 China

Play Dig 2 China to help a boy dig the way to China now. Collect fuel bins and valuable items to earn as much money as possible before you run out of fuel.

The boy wants to dig through the center of the Earth in his backyard to reach China. His friend laughs at him because of his stupid idea. However, he still believes that he can do it. Therefore, he goes to his backyard and starts to dig a way to China. You must help him dig as deep as possible. Note that the fuel of the digging machine is limited. Therefore, you must try to dig as deep as possible before the digging machine runs out of fuel. You can collect gas cans to get more fuel. Besides, the center of the Earth hides many valuable items such as dinosaur bones, swords, and safes. They can be exchanged for money. However, other items such as hooks, stones, pencils, and so on are invalid. Therefore, you should not collect them.

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How to control: Click the left mouse button to dig.

Upgrades in Dig 2 China

You should use your money to upgrade your digging machine. If you upgrade the seat, your HP will increase. If you upgrade the digger, you will lose less speed in the denser ground. Besides, upgrading the engine helps you dig for longer, Upgrading the cooler will help to increase the protection from heat. In addition, you should upgrade the radar to detect the closest treasure.