Cuphead Rush

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Engaging gameplay of Cuphead Rush

It is time to take part in an exciting adventure in Cuphead Rush! Jump over dangerous traps and enemies and gather all stars scattered along the way.

Inspired by Cuphead, this game is developed to bring a more exciting adventure of a humanoid cup. In this adventure, he will not fight against mighty bosses. Instead, you must help him to evade them as well as deadly obstacles along the way. They will threaten the life of our hero. Assist the character in running as far as possible and living as long as you can. Your score will be accumulated based on your running distance. Remember that your ultimate goal in this game is to gain the highest score. In addition, stars are also really important items in his game. Collect them whenever you have a chance. Then, use the coins you earned to purchase one of 4 skins in the shop.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump.

All maps in Cuphead Rush

There are 3 maps in this game.

  • Cupforest: This map is a tropical forest that is full of plants and rivers, and covered by sunshine. It is considered to be the easiest map in this game.
  • Cupflames: This map is a cave in a volcano. If you are careless, you can fall into the lava anytime. Besides, on this map, you will encounter rockets flying toward you. You must jump as high as possible to avoid being hit by these rockets. Note that jumping on mushrooms will help you to jump higher.
  • It is the hardest map in this game. At the start of an adventure, you will be covered by a water bubble. However, this bubble will explode when you crash into obstacles or enemies along the way. Try to reach the end of the cave to win the game.