Cuphead: Brothers In Arms

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All phases in Cuphead: Brothers In Arms

Take a look at Cuphead: Brothers In Arms which is an interesting game. Control the Cuphead to jump to avoid the attacks of animatronics and shoot down them.

After defeating Hilda Berg in Cuphead Threatenin' Zeppelin, the humanoid cup continues to participate in the fights between Cuphead and monsters in famous horror games. You need to join a total of 3 battles. In each battle, you will meet a distinct monster.

  • Phase 1: The first phase introduces animatronics which are Chica, Bonnie, Golden Gargoyles, Freddy, Foxy, and Security Puppet. The Security Puppet stands in front of you and calls someone. Meanwhile, Chica, Bonnie, Golden Gargoyles, and Freddy will appear from the underground and rush toward you. Foxy hides behind the curtain and slashes his hook toward you. Sometimes, a big pizza will fly around you, and the pieces of pizza drop. If you touch animatronics or the pizza three times, you will die. Therefore, you need to run, jump, and constantly shoot at the monsters.
  • Phase 2: In the second phase, you will meet Mr.Peterson's Frame. There are two pictures near Mr.Peterson's Frame. These pictures will shoot pellets and glue at you. Moreover, unchained bear traps will move from left to right or vice versa. All you need to do is to break The Frame in the shortest time.
  • Phase 3: In the third phase, your rival is Beast Bendy who is an ink demon. The ink will drop from the ceiling and the ink flood sometimes emerges. Furthermore, two ink slimes stand near the demon. They will not actively attack you, so you do not need to worry. At the end of the phase, three ink creatures appear and attack you. You must eliminate them before knocking out the Ink Demon.

Big fans of Cuphead do not ignore this game. It is not only engaging but also funny. It is playable on all platforms and devices, so you can do it anywhere and anytime.

How to control

Use Left-Right Arrow Key to move left or right.

Use a Down Arrow Key to sit down.

Use a Z key to jump or retry.

Use an X key to shoot.

Hold the Up Arrow Key and an X key to hand up and shoo