Cube Ninja

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The adventure of Cube Ninja

Play as a cute ninja in Cube Ninja now. Run as far as possible to gain the highest possible score and reverse the gravity to evade giant leaps along the way.

In this game, you will transform into a little ninja who wants to become a professional ninja. To meet this goal, you must learn ninja techniques such as jumping, running, or defying gravity. Your mission is to run the furthest distance to get the highest possible score. You should take caution with the giant leaps and high walls along the way. When you are about to approach them, you had better switch your gravity to evade them and keep running. This requires your quick reflexes and quick fingers. However, note that you should not suddenly change your gravity, which can make you die. In addition, you can see many sushis along the way. Eat them to gain extra points. Moreover, eating the sushis will help to increase your running speed.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to reverse the gravity.

Creator and release date

This running game was developed by Onduck Games. It was launched in November 2017. You can play this game on our web browser on both PC and mobile devices.