Contra (USA)

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General information about Contra (USA)

Do you prepare for breathtaking battles in Contra (USA)? The goal of this fight is to destroy the base of the Red Falcon and protect the world from danger.

Created by Konami in 1987, this game has a retro style like other Nintendo games such as Wario Land 3. The game is awarded to be the Best Action Game of 1988. What are the secrets behind its success? The first thing we should mention is the engaging story of this game. This game follows two men named Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. Actually, they are members of Elite Marine Commandos called Contra. One day, it is revealed that a terrorist organization called Red Falcon is planning to secretly conquer the world. It is an evil plan and needs to be destroyed. Two men are assigned to break this plan

Attend the war in Contra (USA)

The second interesting thing about this game is its gameplay. In this game, you play as a Bill Rizer and join the fight. If you do not want to fight alone, you can invite your friends to become your teammate. Your friend will transform into Lance Bean. You and your friends will cooperate smoothly to sneak into your enemies' base and destroy it. Along the way, you can encounter numerous guards and fighting robots. Hold your gun and shoot constantly to kill as many opponents as possible. Utilize the shooting skill that you learned in Shell Shockers. Be careful as the rivals set up many automatic guns along the way. They will automatically locate the target and shoot. You must run and jump to avoid getting hit.


Press an X key to shoot one shot.

Press an S key to shoot three shots.

Press a Z key to jump.

Press a Down arrow key to prone.

Press Left or Right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an Up arrow key to raise the gun.