Clicker Heroes

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The playing instruction of Clicker Heroes

Take part in the fight against the monsters in Clicker Heroes. Defeat as many monsters as possible to earn coins and hire more brave heroes for help.

This game invites you into a world where the simplest of actions unleashes a ripple effect of growth and power. The game's core gameplay loop centers around defeating monsters through relentless clicking, accumulating gold and upgrading heroes to conquer increasingly challenging enemies. This incremental mastery imparts a valuable lesson: success often comes through consistent effort and incremental improvement. This game encourages you to embrace the journey of gradual progress, where each click holds the potential to bring you closer to your goals. As you progress through this game, you encounter a diverse roster of heroes, each with your unique abilities and attributes. The game demands strategic decision-making as you allocate your hard-earned gold to unlock and level up heroes, enhancing your prowess in battle. Balancing the composition of heroes, planning upgrades, and optimizing the distribution of resources becomes paramount to overcoming formidable foes efficiently. This game showcases the importance of resource management and the rewards that come from thoughtful decision-making.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to defeat the monsters.

Developer and platform

Playsaurus developed this game and released it in July 2014. It was updated with new features on Sep 06, 2022. You can play this game on the PC and mobile devices such as Android or iOS phones.