Carrom 2 Player

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The guideline to play Carrom 2 Player

Let's invite your friends to play Carrom 2 Player now! In this game, you have to pocket all your checkers to gain many points before your opponent does that.

This game is inspired by the billiard games. Therefore, their gameplay is fairly similar. In this game, you need to shoot your cue checker at other checkers on the table to make them fall into four holes. Note that your checkers are white if you are player 1. If you are player 2, your checkers are black. Each player has four checkers. If you can pocket four checkers before your rival does that, you will win. Remember that you can move the cue checker from left to right and vice versa. Moreover, you will get foul if you pocket the checkers of your enemy or your cue checker. Therefore, you should aim accurately. Otherwise, you will be allowed to hit the checkers if you score one point.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to aim.

Release the left mouse button to shoot.

Some useful strategies to win Carrom 2 Player

  • You aim at checkers that are near the pockets first.
  • Attempt to put your opponent's checkers in difficult positions to stop them from scoring.
  • If your checkers are in the center of the table, you should make a double shot.
  • Practice regularly.