Candy Rain 6

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About Candy Rain 6

Candy Rain 6 is the sixth installment of the Candy Rain series. Start a new adventure in the Candy Kingdom and match three identical candies to collect them.

Collect candies

If you are a big fan of the Candy Rain series, you should try playing this new version. In this new version, you will visit another Candy Kingdom which is full of yummy candies. To collect these candies, you must match three or more identical candies. Remember that if you can create a horizontal or vertical line of candies, a Spiral Bomb will be created. The Spiral Bomb will destroy a horizontal or vertical line of candies if it is matched with the other two or more identical candies. Moreover, if you combine five or more candies of the same kind, you will get a Rainbow Candy which can be matched with any candy. If you see any lucky candy, do not ignore it. You will gain extra coins after unboxing a lucky candy.

Utilize the boosters

When there is no more playable candy on the playing fields, you can utilize 4 boosters at the bottom of the screen.

  • Swap Booster: This booster will help to switch the positions of two different candies.
  • Hammer Booster: You can use this booster to destroy any candy in the playing field.
  • Horizontal Star: You can use this booster to eliminate a horizontal line of candies.
  • Vertical Star: This booster can remove a vertical line of candies.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to switch the positions of the candies.

Standout features of Candy Rain 6

Like Bad Ice Cream, this game also has many levels. If you can complete 15 levels in this game, the prize wheel will be unlocked. You can spin this prize wheel once a day for free to get many coins. In addition, you can unlock the poppy gift box once a day to receive valuable rewards such as boosters or coins. Finally, you must try to reach level 21 to unlock the special event and daily missions. The special event is Candy Pirate Quest in which you must collect enough 160 candies to unlock the treasure chest. Besides, you also need to complete daily missions to earn extra coins and get a gift box.