Bubble Shooter Story

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The description of Bubble Shooter Story

Bubble Shooter Story is an exciting puzzle game that is about the adventure of a little bear. Shoot to match three or more identical bubbles to remove them.

A little bear decides to ride its hot-air balloon to travel to different lands. To reach the next destination, it has to join the shooting bubble competitions. You must help the bear win these competitions. In each competition, you must Take control of the cannon to shoot down the bubbles at the top of the screen. You must match three or more bubbles of the same colors to do that. Moreover, you also need to rescue your friends such as little frogs or birds that are stuck between bubbles. Destroy bubbles around your friends to save them. If you get stuck, you can utilize the boosters. Here is the list of boosters that you can use.

  • The Aim Booster: This will help you plan your moves
  • The Extra Moves Booster: This will help to offer more moves.
  • The Rainbow Booster: This will offer you a rainbow bubble that can be matched with any bubbles at the top of the screen.

Note that you can use your coins to purchase more boosters in the shop.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Levels in Bubble Shooter Story

In the adventure, the bear will travel to 6 lands which are the forest, the castle, the volcano, Egypt, the North Pole, and a planet. Moreover, the bear has to go through 75 destinations corresponding to 75 levels. In each level, your goal is to remove all bubbles to earn three stars and as many points and coins as possible.