Bowser Ball

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About Bowser Ball

Take part in a survival fight with other players in Bowser Ball. Guide your ball to push other balls out of the arena and try to become the last survivor.

At the start of the game, you can choose one of 16 balls. Each ball has a distinct emotion. Then, let's choose between three maps. They are Forest, Island, and Snow. After choosing your favorite ball and game map, you can start the survival fight now. In this fight, you will encounter many players from all over the world. You must control your ball to roll around the arena and push other balls out of the arena. Be careful because other balls also want to eliminate you from the arena. Try your best to become the last survivor to win the fight. Besides, you can invite your friends to join the fight with you.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Press the arrow keys to control the ball.

PLAYER 2: Press the WASD keys to control the ball.