Bolly Beat

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Addicting gameplay of Bolly Beat

Play Bolly Beat and chill with catchy music. Guide the ball to hop from one square platform to another one and collect as many diamonds as possible.

This game is a perfect combination between music and adventure. In this game, you need to choose one of the songs. Then, while chilling with this catchy song, you need to take control of a ball to bounce from one square platform to another one. Note that you should not make the ball touch the lava. Moreover, red platforms are also dangers that you need to watch for. If the ball touches the lava or red platforms, you will lose one heart. Try not to lose all hearts if you do not want to lose soon. Attempt not to miss any platform to gain the highest possible score. Besides, you need to collect as many diamonds as possible. Your adventure will end when the music stops.

The shop in this game sells many balls in different colors. You can use the diamonds you earn to buy your favorite ball.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the ball to the left or right.

All game modes in Bolly Beat

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also has two game modes which are the Normal Mode and the Endless Mode. In the Normal Mode, you can choose between 4 songs which are Tandoori Nights, Indian Hiphopper, Punjabi Beat, and Desi Dance. Moreover, the speed of the ball in this mode is normal. Therefore, you can control it easily. You must complete all songs in the Normal Mode to unlock the Endless Mode. The Endless Mode also offers 4 similar songs. However, the speed of the ball in this mode is faster. In addition, this mode allows you to join endless adventures with the ball. Try it out and have fun.