Blob Opera

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The gameplay of Blob Opera

Try out Blob Opera which is an exciting music game. This game will allow you to become a composer who controls four blobs to sing and create a catchy song.

This game will empower you to become a composer and a conductor. By manipulating the blobs, you can shape their pitch, vowel sounds, and melodies, thereby creating your own operatic compositions. This interactive approach allows for limitless experimentation and grants individuals the freedom to express their musical creativity in a playful and intuitive manner. This game becomes a canvas where you can explore different harmonies, experiment with vocal arrangements, and uncover their unique musical voice. showcases the diversity and range of vocal styles found within the opera world. Each blob represents a distinct opera voice type, including bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano, and soprano. By individually controlling these blobs, you gain a deeper understanding of the unique qualities and capabilities of each voice type. This interactive experience allows you to appreciate the intricate harmonies and dynamics that opera singers bring to their performances. This game becomes a gateway for you to explore the rich tapestry of vocal expressions found in the world of opera.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to make characters sing.

Creator and platform

This game is the result of the collaboration of David Li and Google Arts and Culture. It was released in December 2020. You can play this game on the web browser in the PC and mobile device.