Big Tower And Tiny Square

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Explore Big Tower And Tiny Square

Big Tower And Tiny Square is an exciting platform game. Play as a little square character and try to save your pineapple at the top of the tower.

One day, your friend who is Pineapple was kidnapped and imprisoned at the top of the tower. You do not have too much time, so start your adventure to save your friend now. During the adventure, you will encounter many dangers such as guns, lava pools, deadly blades, high walls, and so on. You must jump or move to the left or right to avoid hitting these hazards and reach the light columns safely. Note that these green light columns are considered to be checkpoints that help to save your progress. Play this game now and let's see whether you can rescue the Pineapple in the shortest time.

How to control

Use left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Hold an up arrow key to jump high or swim up.

Use a Y key to restart the last checkpoint.