Bartender: Make Right Mix

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The playing guideline of Bartender: Make Right Mix

Let's learn to become a professional bartender in Bartender: Make Right Mix. Mix different drinks to make tasty cocktails and gain the highest score.

The summer is coming. Let's go to the tropical bar of Miguel and drink some cold cocktails. You must mix different drinks on the shelves and shake them for a few seconds. Finally, pour your cocktail into the glass and wait for feedback from Miguel. Note that different types of cocktails will lead to different endings. Try to make the most delicious cocktail and gain the highest possible score. In general, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to Bartender Perfect Mix.

All achievements in Bartender: Make Right Mix

Like Duck Life 2, you must complete many achievements in this game. This game has 12 achievements. Here is the list of achievements in the game and some tips to complete them.

  • Shakerina: You must stop at the 9th shake to gain this achievement.
  • Mixy Maxy: If you want to get this achievement, you must mix 10 or more drinks.
  • Idle Master: Do nothing for 60 seconds to unlock this achievement.
  • Wataaaaa!!!: To get this achievement, you need to serve water only.
  • Touchy Touch: If you want to unlock this achievement, you need to touch all bottles on the shelf.
  • Steal Heart: Try to play the game 25 times to unlock this achievement.
  • Dee Jhay: Let's turn on or off the sound of the game 10 times to unlock this achievement.
  • Salad Master: Just serve vegetables only to unlock this achievement.
  • Oh Memory: You need to unlock all endings to earn this achievement.
  • Push Push: Try to push buttons 100 times to unlock this achievement.