Bad Ice Cream 2

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The playing principles of Bad Ice Cream 2

The second installment version called Bad Ice Cream 2 promises to bring a new adventure. Join it now and help ice cream gather fruits and defeat monsters.

Collect fruits and evade hazards

A new version of Bad Ice Cream was launched with more flavors. In this edition, you are allowed to choose between 6 flavors which are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, sorbet, mint, and bubble gum. After selecting your favorite flavor, you can click the Start button to play the game. You will be teleported to a snowy yard. There are many yummy fruits in this yard. Move around to collect these fruits. The game only ends when all fruits are picked up. Be aware of dangerous objects such as volcanoes, ice block crushers, snow machines, and campfires. Your icy blocks can be destroyed by snow machines or ice block crushers. Do not stand near the volcanoes as you can get hit by fireballs from the volcanoes. Moreover, try to stay away from campfires which can melt you.

Fight against different enemies

You have to watch out for not only dangerous objects but also monsters. Some monsters will actively attack you while others just move around the playing field.

  • Eggs: They hop from back to forth and vice versa and hatch when two eggs hit each other. Alligators will be hatched from the eggs and chase you. Therefore, you must run as fast as possible or create ice blocks to stop them.
  • Warthogs: They are brown hogs that do not actively attack you. They just wander around the playing field and sneeze to create a row of blocks. You should break the blocks they created.
  • Buckets: These enemies are buckets with human faces. They hold snowballs and throw them at you. You must run as fast as possible to evade their snowballs.
  • Mosquitoes: They are green in color and can fly around to chase you. However, sometimes they land and sleep for a while. It is an opportunity for you to collect all fruits as quickly as possible.
  • Ice eaters: These opponents are small yellow cubes. They can eat the ice blocks you created. After consuming a certain number of blocks, the enemies will shoot them at you.

How to control


Use ARROW KEYS to walk.

Use the Spacebar to break or create ice blocks.


Use WASD keys to walk.

Press a Q key to break or create ice blocks.