Bad Ice Cream

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About Bad Ice Cream

The gameplay

Bad Ice Cream is an awesome puzzle game featuring 40 challenging levels. Guide an ice cream to stay away from enemies and collect all fruits in the mazes.

This game is the first version of the Bad Ice Cream series. In this installment, you will get an opportunity to explore ice mazes with ice cream. At the start of the game, you have to select a flavor of ice cream. There are three flavors which are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Choose your favorite flavor and start your exciting adventure now. When traversing the mazes, you need to collect all the fruits. Note that some fruits are hidden in the ice blocks. You are able to break them to get fruits. Watch out for enemies such as squids, cows, ducks, and so on in the mazes. They will chase you at all times. If you get caught, you will be flattened and the game is over. Therefore, you had better create ice barriers to trap your enemies. Besides enemies, you also need to be careful with interactive objects such as hot tiles, campfires, arrow tiles, and so on in the mazes. They can melt you or block your way if you come close to them. Do your best to dodge opponents and gather all fruits to complete the level. Keep in mind that you have only 2 minutes for each level. The sooner you can beat the level, the higher score you can gain. Attempt to gain the highest possible score and submit it

How to control


Press ARROW KEYS to walk

Press the Spacebar to shoot


Press WASD keys to walk

Press an F key to shoot

Relevant information about Bad Ice Cream

All enemies in the mazes

Like Pizza Tower, this game also requires you battle with many rivals. Each level in the game features distinct opponents. They always try to chase and attack you. Here are their names and abilities.

  • Green trolls: These enemies walk around the maze. However, when they reach a wall or ice block, they will change their direction.
  • Black and white cows: These rivals can change direction randomly anytime, so you need to be careful.
  • Yellow squids: They are able to use their horn to smash ice blocks to chase you. Therefore, you should create ice blocks quickly to trap them.
  • Pot creatures: Their heads are like a pot. Keep in mind that they will move randomly and slowly for the first six seconds. After that, they will start to move faster and chase you.
  • Log men: These enemies look like a log. Normally, they just walk around randomly. However, if you are on the same row or column as them, they will roll quickly towards you.
  • Green squids: Like yellow squids, they can break ice blocks to chase you. However, the movement speed of these enemies is faster.
  • Blue cows: They will follow you, so you need to find a way to trap them. Their movement speed is faster than the orange squid.
  • Ducks: These rivals are considered to be dangerous as they are able to fly over ice blocks to chase you
  • Jumping ball towers: These enemies can hop around the playing field to chase you. Don't worry as they move very slowly. However, they randomly dig a hole to go underneath the ice and then re-emerge at a random place.
  • Blue squids: Like other squids, they can break ice blocks and chase you. However, they are able to destroy a whole row or column of ice blocks at the same time.
  • Yellow cows: They can move faster than other cows. These enemies even are able to jump on ice blocks and other types of blocks.

Interactive objects

In the mazes, you can see many interactive objects. They can hurt you or stop you from winning the levels. Therefore, you should always take caution with them. Here is the list of interactive objects that you need to evade.

  • Hot tiles: They will melt your ice blocks. Therefore, you should not create ice blocks near hot tiles.
  • Arrow tiles: They are able to change the direction of the ice blocks you want to create.
  • Campfires: They can hurt you. Therefore, you need to stay away from them. Another way is to create ice blocks to freeze them.
  • Invisible tiles: You cannot walk through them, but opponents can.

Reasons you should try Bad Ice Cream

Many challenging levels

This game offers 40 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more powerful the enemies are. Furthermore, at each level, you are required to collect different fruits. Some fruits have special abilities. For example, at Level 9, you need to collect 20 bananas and 2 pineapples. However, pineapples are able to fly, which increases the difficulty of the level. If you want to beat all levels, you must master all your skills. Try your best to win all levels and gain the highest possible score at each level. Break a leg!

Playable game modes

Two game modes including 1 Player and 2 Players available in this game. If you are a rookie or play the game alone, choose the 1 Player mode. In this mode, you have to accomplish 40 levels alone. Contrarily, if you want to have fun with your friend, the 2 Players mode is the best choice. This mode allows you and your friends to play the game on the same computer. In this mode, you and your friend will compete to collect fruits. The one who can gather more fruits and gain a higher score will be the winner. Complete 40 levels with your friends and let's see who is the ultimate victor.