Bad Dolls

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The gameplay of Bad Dolls

Let's explore a mysterious castle in Bad Dolls now. Your objective is to confront endless waves of monsters and collect as many coins as possible.

Join breathtaking fights

In this game, you will explore a mysterious castle. This castle is guarded by many monsters such as piggy monsters, spider monsters, and crocodile monsters. These monsters are armed with powerful guns and get ready to attack any invader. Therefore, you need to use your gun to fight against them. When your gun runs out of ammo, you need to collect the key and use it to unlock treasure chests. These treasure chests contain many weapons, so you need to pick up new weapons and continue to battle. Try to evade the attacks of the monsters if you do not want to lose soon. When the monsters are eliminated, many gold coins are dropped. Collect as many coins in the castle as possible to become the richest gunner.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press an up arrow key twice to make double jumps.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press a down arrow key to pick up weapons.

Press the spacebar to shoot.

Press a B key to switch weapons.

Available game modes in Bad Dolls

Like Bad Ice Cream, this game also has two game modes which are a Single Player Mode and Two-Player Mode.

  • Single Player Mode: In this mode, you need to struggle with monsters alone. If you want to explore 4 maps and fight against monsters, you can choose the Stages option. Note that you have to join 10 battles on each map. In contrast, if you are confident in your shooting skill, you can choose the Endless option. At this time, you will encounter an endless number of monsters in the castle.
  • Two-Player Mode: You can invite your friend to play this mode with you. In this mode, you can choose to battle with your friend or cooperate with your friend to fight against monsters. If you want to fight against your friend, select the Versus option. Then, select between three maps including Castle, Temple, Big Castle, and Big Temple. In the battle, if you can take down your friend first, you will become the winner. If you want to play as a team with your friend, you can select the Co-op option. Then, you need to choose to confront a normal wave of monsters or a big wave of monsters. Let's cooperate with your friend smoothly to eliminate as many monsters as possible.