Backrooms 2: Survival

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The gameplay of Backrooms 2: Survival

Backrooms 2: Survival is the second version of the Backroom game. Run around the maze to evade monsters and try to stay alive within 5 minutes.

This new version offers more engaging gameplay. Specifically, in this game, you will be trapped in a maze. This maze has no exit portal. Therefore, it is possible to say that there is no way escape from there. Moreover, this maze is full of scary monsters. They move around the maze to find and kill you. Therefore, you must run as fast as possible to escape from these monsters. Besides monsters, you also need to take caution with dangerous traps in the maze. If you fall into them, you will be eliminated. You have only 5 minutes. Try to stay alive until the time is over. I suggest you should collect useful items such as bottles in the maze. Throw them at monsters to slow down their speed.

How to control

Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to run around.

Press an F key to turn on or off the flashlight.

Press an E key to interact with objects.

Press the Shift key to sprint.