Avatar Game

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Exciting adventures in Avatar Game

Avatar Game invites you to discover three lands with Jake Sully. These lands have many beautiful lands but hide various dangers, so you must take caution.

This game was inspired by the famous Avatar film series. Therefore, the main character in this game is Jake Sully. Besides, the gameplay of this game is inspired by Geometry Dash Lite, so their gameplay is fairly similar. Specifically, you must click the left mouse button to control Jake to jump over the obstacles you meet along the way. Besides evading obstacles, another mission is to find gold coins that are scattered in three lands. Note that after completing an adventure in a land, you will be rewarded a star.


DESKTOP: Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar or an up arrow key to jump or fly up.

MOBILE: Touch the screen to jump or fly up.

All lands in Avatar Game

This game features three levels corresponding to three lands. Note that Stereo Madness is the easiest level in which you will discover Navi's forest. Back On Track is a medium level in which you will explore Pandora Bay. Finally, you should try the most challenging level named Polargeist in which you will traverse the forest of souls. You can look at the number of stars to know the degree of difficulty of each level. The more stars the level is, the more difficult it is.